it is time to sign up for the 2020 competition to be held on november 16!

Please complete the online application or email us at We are excited to announce that our teen competition is now an Open competition. If you are interested in competing for the title of Miss Merced County’s Outstanding Teen, please find all of the information here!

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Miss Merced County, Sierra Nevada and Yosemite Valley is a preliminary competition to Miss California and Miss America. A 40 year tradition, our program provides scholarship money to young women ages 13-25. Throughout the year, our Miss Merced County supports multiple community events, local Children's Hospitals via Children's Miracle Network and Valley Children's Hospital, promotes her social impact initiative and competes at the Miss California competition.

Congratulations to Shalei Heflin for making Top 12 at Miss California 2019!! We are so proud of you!!